Fake Bake Original Tan

After having no end of trouble with Bondi Sands going patchy as anything once it starts wearing off I’ve gone back to my favourite tan and one of the first fake tans I ever tried – fake bake original tan lotion.

This lotion is seriously the BEST fake tan i have ever used! It has never gone streaky or patchy on application or when its fading. The lotions pretty thick and dark when it first comes out the bottle but don’t let that scare you as it doesn’t really stay that dark unless you apply layer after layer. You apply it with a tanning mitt but i would advise wearing some gloves underneath as it can go through the mitt and stain your hands as i’ve learnt the hard way! On the bottle it says to apply and leave the tan over night, i tend to do it in the morning, leave it on throughout the day and wash it off in the evening as the tan develop time is 4-6 hours or 8 hours for a darker tan.

It is a little more pricey than some other tans and it does have a fake tan smell but i definitely think that its worth it with the results you get from it which you can see below!

If you’ve gave it a try id love to hear how you found the fake bake original tanning lotion!


You can find the lotion to buy here – http://fakebake.co.uk/original-self-tan-lotion/



  1. 16th August 2016 / 9:19 pm

    This was on my list to try next! I use the fake bake incredibly bronzed at the minute, the darker the better ?

    • 17th August 2016 / 8:02 am

      Give it a try! Honestly the fake bake range is the best tanning range I have ever tried! That’s the wash off range isn’t it? I can’t say I’ve ever tried it as I like mine to last as long as possible ?

      • 17th August 2016 / 8:32 am

        No it’s not wash off! Lasts ages I prefer them to last a while too ??

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