Olaplex No3 Review 

When I first heard of Olaplex I honestly was not convinced at all! I thought that it would be one of these products that claims to work miracles, that everyone preached about but never worked.

As I’ve mentioned before I have had soooo much trouble with the condition of my hair in the past, purely as I love to experiment with it. To my hairs relief I have calmed down with the experimenting but the condition of my hair still wasn’t amazing, sosomething that claimed to repair my dry, damaged and dead hair instantly had me curious, I just had to see if all the raving reviews about it were right.

I went about ordering the no3 take home hair perfector – I got mine from Amazon as I like to get things as cheap as I can when possible, luckily to my relief it was the real thing! It comes in a 100ml bottle which doesn’t look a lot but I managed to get 3/4 applications out of it! Olaplex suggest using the treatment once a week between chemical services to strengthen hair, which I didn’t stick to, I managed one application every two weeks.

You apply the treatment on wet, towel dried hair and leave for around 15-20 minutes but it does say you can leave it on as long as you wish, I did this once and didn’t see much difference to leaving it on for around 20 minutes! It’s pretty thin when you apply it but you can definitely feel the difference on your hair to where it’s just wet and where the treatment already is.

After washing the treatment off I washed and conditioned and dried my hair as usual and I was pleasantly surprised, my hair felt much smoother, healthier and looked shiny which it hasn’t for a while! (Before and after photos below).

The only thing I found with the Olaplex treatment is that once your hair feels like it’s in good condition if you use the treatment on it anyway it tends to dry out your hair rather than ‘perfect’ it. 



  1. Steph Whyte
    22nd August 2016 / 8:16 pm

    I got this put on at the hairdressers and was a total dream. I may order some to use between trips to the hairdresser.

  2. ashley
    10th September 2016 / 3:25 am

    Hi, Olaplex educator here! Thank you for such an informative post with your experience with Olaplex No.3! The results of Olaplex are amazing and now there are so many different ways stylists are using it. If you haven’t had an Olaplex mini-treatment at your salon, its defenitley something worth trying!

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