Little Blonde Blog’s 1st Birthday

So yesterday Little Blonde Blog x turned one! It’s been a whole year since I made the decision to start blogging (with a little push in the right direction from a friend of course!). I can’t believe it! The time has honestly flown by and becoming a blogger was one of the best decisions I have ever made! Its such a fun and amazing hobby and i’ve been lucky enough to attend amazing events where i’ve met other lovely bloggers.

The past year of blogging has changed my life so much, i’m so much happier and more positive and it all stems from starting my blog. I know it may sound like i’m over exaggerating but it has really helped me grow as a person. Before i started blogging i honestly had no idea how much work it took to run a blog and how little i knew about those things. So over the past year i’ve learnt that having a blog is like running a business (except you have no staff apart from yourself) so i’ve had to teach myself some incredible new skills such as photography, writing and editing (i’m still learning and improving on many skills now) and and become versatile.

If blogging is something your thinking of starting i would 100% recommend you do, even if your having doubts, ignore those negative thoughts and go for it! It will change your life for the better!

Little Blonde Blog’s First Birthday!

I haven’t done anything special over the weekend for my blog’s birthday as i’ve been super busy with fathers day and what not. But i’m going to treat myself to a bottle of hooch and a lounge around in the sun that’d left in my garden!

So here’s to one year of blogging and thank you to all of you amazing people who read my ramblings!


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