Christmas Nails

I thought i’d do at least one Christmassy post before Christmas seeing as i’ve been so absent from blogging recently. So here’s my simple but gorgeous and festive Christmas nails tutorial!

What You Will Need

  • Nail File
  • Barry M nail hardener
  • Red nail polish – I used W7 – Pillar box red
  • Glitter nail polish – I used Deborah Lippmann – Do ya think i’m sexy?
  • Barry M plumpy top coat

Step by Step Instructions 

  1. Start with clean, polish free nails and shape with a nail file.
  2. Apply Barry M nail hardener top and bottom coat and let dry.
  3. Brush on 2 coats of red nail varnish and let dry.
  4. Using red glitter generously over the red polish and let dry.
  5. Apply another layer of Barry M nail hardener and let dry
  6. Last but not least apply a coat of Barry M plumpy top coat!

Now if you don’t want to use nail hardener or a top coat you don’t have to, but if you have incredibly thin flimsy nails like mine it definitely helps keep the polish on longer!

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