Bio Sculpture Gel Nails Review

I have tried a stupidly large amount of types of nail varnishes, shellac, acrylics on my nails, you name it i’ve probably tried it, but i have a rather large problem that anything other than acrylic barely stays on my nails! So i did a little digging and came across something called Bio Sculpture gel nails, at first i was fairly sceptical as i’d tried products that claimed to be gel nails before and they had barely lasted a week without lifting or chipping!

Bio Sculpture Gels claim to be a modern nail friendly alternative to acrylic that promotes growth while being strong and durable. I still wasn’t completely sold as they were a little pricey at £36 a set but i thought i would give them a try anyway hoping that by some miracle they would work and stop me sliding back into my old habit of going back to acrylics that ruin my nails!

When i first arrived at the salon the beautician told me a little about the process, there was to be one bottom coat which was a ‘vitamin’ coat to help the growth of the nail, two layers of coloured gel, then a layer of clear ‘hard gel’ to finish with that all came in little pots rather than the previous ‘gel nail polishes’ i had tried in the past that go on like a nail polish, so i let her work her magic! Unfortunately under the last lot of shellac i had on, i had managed to split a nail on the nail bed, which luckily the amazing beautician worked her magic and glued back together, and then applied the gel over the top to keep it secure.

When she was finished i was instantly impressed, my nails felt firm and strong, not flimsy as they usually do or do with shellac on! Two weeks later and most of my nails still felt as strong and secure as they did when i left the salon, however i did have a little lifting on the nail that i had previously split! I am glad to say i have gone back to have a new set applied and i am still as impressed as the first time around, there are an amazing amount of colours available (yet i went for my classic black gloss nails) and my nails seem to love it! img_6095



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