UV Gel Polish Review

Ever since i completely ruined my nails with acrylics my nails have been weak and fragile, so I’ve been searching for a more nail friendly alternative. As i wanted my nails to look girly and not chipped for my graduation ball i thought i would give UV gel polish a try after a friend recommended it.

I managed to find a salon close to home offering UV Gel polish (or shellac) i’m sure its pretty much the same thing! And after choosing a cute sparkly pink colour, an hour my nails looked like this..

They looked and felt gorgeous, i was so impressed! I thought i had found a saviour for my weak and brittle nails. But my joy was short lived, as within a week the gel on one nail had lifted and two others had chipped and i was incredibly disappointed, however i think that this was due to how weak my nails were to begin with.

Overall i believe that UV gel polish would work wonders for those with already strong nails, but for those like me who have put their nails through hell may need something a little more hard wearing!


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