Mac Lipstick VS NYX Lipstick

Mac Lipstick VS NYX Lipstick

I’ve always brought trusted Mac lipsticks up until recently when I discovered NYX and became utterly obsessed. So I thought I’d go ahead and compare them both as I couldn’t quite decide which one I love more! 

Mac Lipstick 

  • Amazing colour
  • Looks great on
  • Some types can be incredibly drying out for your lips
  • Often goes on pretty thick feeling quite heavy on your lips 
  • Matte colours can be incredibly drying on your lips
  • Smells great 
  • Lasts a fair while
  • Fairly expensive 

NYX Lipstick

  • Good colour 
  • Really light, feels like you have more of a balm on rather than a lipstick
  • Really moisturising on your lips 
  • Colour lasts a good amount of time
  • Nowhere near as expensive 
  • Large range of colours
  • I can’t comment on the matte colours as I haven’t tried them yet! 
  • Incredibly smooth 
  • Good smell 

Overall I will still be using Mac lipsticks but I am aiming to try more of the NYX colours and lipstick types as the ones I’ve tried so far are absolutely amazing! 



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